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    “US Vlogger Slammed for Attempting to Get Food Poisoning from Pakistani Street Food”


    US Vlogger Criticized for Attempting to Get Food Poisoning by Eating Pakistani Street Food

    In a controversial move, an American travel blogger named Colin has faced widespread criticism after publicly declaring his intent to get food poisoning by eating street food in Pakistan. The internet reacted strongly to his Instagram video, where he detailed his unusual quest while exploring the vibrant streets of Lahore.

    Foreigners traveling to the Indian subcontinent are often warned about potential stomach issues due to different food and water standards. This phenomenon, commonly known as “Delhi belly,” is a well-known concern among travelers to India and Pakistan. However, Colin’s overt attempt to contract food poisoning by consuming local delicacies did not sit well with many viewers.

    In the now-viral video, Colin begins by stating, “Eating street food until I get food poisoning. Currently, I’m in Lahore, Pakistan, and I’m going to be walking around finding the weirdest things I can possibly find and eating it.” He then samples popular Pakistani treats such as halwa, pakora, and lassi. Despite his efforts, none of these foods caused him to fall ill. Colin concluded his video by expressing his intent to continue his unusual mission.

    In his caption, Colin mentioned the generosity of the local shopkeepers who refused to accept payment from him. He praised Pakistani hospitality and described Pakistan as one of his favorite places to eat. “Definitely one of my favorite days from my trip to Pakistan was exploring the narrow streets in the walled city of Lahore. Didn’t include this in the video but most of the food was actually gifted to me as a gesture of hospitality. Pakistanis are some of the kindest people in the world,” he wrote.

    Despite his positive comments about Pakistani hospitality, the video sparked outrage among many viewers. Critics condemned Colin for his “disrespectful” and “exploitative” behavior, accusing him of insulting local culture and traditions. They also took issue with his portrayal of traditional foods like halwa and lassi as potential sources of food poisoning.

    “The weirdest thing you can possibly find is on your mirror. Don’t travel to places if you’re going to insult their way of living for internet points,” one Instagram user commented. Another user expressed their shock, writing, “Wow, I’m shocked. To tell us into the mic that you’re scared, and think you’re going to get poisoned by the food for views but then smile in the faces of locals isn’t wild? It’s inauthentic and exploitative.”

    “This is so disrespectful to the culture. Halwa and lassi are the tastiest dessert and drink and bro thinks he will get food poisoning just because he hasn’t seen anything like it,” another comment read.

    However, not everyone was critical. Some viewers supported Colin, appreciating his efforts to explore and enjoy Pakistani cuisine. “Being Paki I actually loved this series and I’m glad you liked the food,” one person commented.

    Colin’s controversial video has sparked a significant online debate about respect for local cultures and the ethics of content creation in foreign countries. While some appreciate his adventurous spirit, others urge for more sensitivity and respect towards different cultural practices.

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