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    “US Woman Accuses Flight Official of Rebuke Over Braless Attire”


    "US Woman Claims Discrimination Over Delta Flight's Bra Policy"

    A recent incident involving a woman on a US Delta Air Lines flight has sparked controversy and discussions about discriminatory policies. Lisa Archbold, 38, alleges that she was threatened with removal from the flight because she was not wearing a bra, despite her attire not violating any visible dress codes.

    Archbold recounted the incident, which occurred during a flight from Salt Lake City to San Francisco in January. She stated that she was wearing baggy jeans and a loose white t-shirt without a bra when she was approached by a female gate agent. The agent reportedly demanded that Archbold cover up, even though her breasts were not visible.

    The situation escalated when Archbold felt targeted and humiliated, describing the experience as a “scarlet letter” moment aimed at punishing her for not conforming to societal expectations of how a woman should dress.

    Attorney Gloria Allred, representing Archbold, highlighted the discriminatory nature of Delta’s policy, noting that male passengers are not required to cover their t-shirts or wear bras. Allred emphasized that breasts are not weapons or security risks, and women should not be subjected to different standards based on their attire.

    In response to demands for a meeting with Delta’s president to discuss the policy, a spokesperson for the company stated that they had contacted Archbold with an apology earlier this year.

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