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    “US Zoo Responds to Polar Bear Photo, Alleviating Well-Being Concerns”


    The Saint Louis Zoo in the United States recently responded to concerns raised by a viral photo showing a polar bear lying on a small bed of ice. The image, shared on social media, prompted worries about the bear’s well-being and the zoo’s living conditions for its animals.

    The photo, captured by a zoo visitor, quickly gained attention online, with some questioning if the polar bear was experiencing discomfort or inadequate conditions. In response, the zoo clarified that the picture actually depicts normal behavior for a polar bear.

    According to the zoo’s statement, the polar bear named Kali was photographed in a relaxed and content state, showcasing typical behavior for these animals. The zoo emphasized that bears, like many animals, exhibit various sleeping positions, even ones that may seem unusual to humans.

    The zoo further explained that Kali has the option to stay indoors with air conditioning or venture into his outdoor habitat, and most of the time, he chooses the latter. The outdoor habitat is enriched with multiple amenities such as ice machines, cooling fans, shade areas, and saltwater pools maintained at a comfortable temperature throughout the year.

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