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    “Virat Kohli Strongly Denies False Reports on Alibaug Farmhouse Plans in Definitive Social Media Response”


    Virat Kohli Refutes Fake News Regarding Alibaug Farmhouse Plans in Blistering Response

    Virat Kohli, the renowned Indian cricketer, has unequivocally addressed recent speculations surrounding his plans for his Alibaug farmhouse. Reports had been circulating that the ace cricketer and his actress-wife Anushka Sharma were intending to build a cricket pitch on their sprawling property. However, Kohli promptly put an end to these rumors by issuing a bold and emphatic response via his social media accounts.

    Kohli’s statement came in response to a prominent news organization’s claims that the celebrity couple had designs on constructing a cricket pitch at their lavish Alibaug farmhouse. Taking to Instagram Stories on Tuesday, Kohli categorically refuted these reports, labeling them as “fake news.” His Instagram post read, “Bachpan se jo akhbaar Padha hai, wo bhi fake news chaapne lage ab” (The newspaper that we have been reading since childhood is also publishing fake news these days).

    This statement from Kohli was a clear attempt to set the record straight and dispel any misinformation circulating about his plans for the property. The media outlet had suggested that Kohli, a former Indian cricket captain and one of the most followed athletes on social media, was keen on establishing a cricket pitch on his expansive Alibaug farmhouse.

    The Alibaug property has been a subject of interest, with reports stating that Kohli purchased an eight-acre property in Zirad village along with his wife, Anushka Sharma. Kohli, who had been given rest during the T20I series between India and the West Indies, recently visited the construction site of the property in Maharashtra.

    Kohli’s recent clarification also follows his statement addressing the speculation regarding his social media earnings. Dismissing reports that he earns around INR 11 crore for sharing promotional posts on Instagram, Kohli stated, “While I am grateful and indebted to all that I’ve received in life, the news that has been making rounds about my social media earnings is not true.”

    As Kohli gears up for the upcoming edition of the Asia Cup and focuses on his cricketing endeavors, his prompt responses to address false information underline his commitment to transparency and authenticity in the public domain. The Indian cricket star’s influence extends not only to the pitch but also in his approach to handling rumors and misinformation in the digital age.

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