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    “White House Vows Strong Response to Iran-Backed Attack on US Military Base in Iraq”


    "White House Takes 'Extremely Seriously' Iran-Backed Attack on US Military Base in Iraq"

    In a significant development, the White House has expressed deep concern and a commitment to respond forcefully to the recent attack by Iranian-backed operatives on Al-Assad Airbase in western Iraq, where US forces are stationed. The attack, involving “multiple ballistic missiles and rockets,” occurred on Saturday, resulting in one reported Iraqi casualty and the possibility of American casualties.

    White House Deputy National Security Advisor Jon Finer, addressing the seriousness of the situation, stated, “It was a very serious attack, using a capability of ballistic missiles that posed a genuine threat.” Finer emphasized that the United States is taking the incident “extremely seriously” and intends to respond to establish deterrence and hold the responsible groups accountable.

    During an appearance on ABC’s This Week, Finer affirmed, “We are going to respond… to establish deterrence in these situations, and to hold these groups accountable that continue to attack us.” The White House’s commitment underscores the gravity of the situation, signaling a robust response to the assault on the military base.

    The attack on Al-Assad Airbase marks a concerning escalation, as most previous incidents targeting US troops in Iraq and Syria have involved lower-tech rockets and drones. The majority of these attacks, including the latest, have been claimed by the “Islamic Resistance in Iraq,” a loose alliance of Iran-linked armed groups opposing US support for Israel in the Gaza conflict.

    The Pentagon confirmed that air defense systems intercepted most of the projectiles fired at the base, highlighting the effectiveness of the defensive measures in place. However, the incident underscores the persistent threat faced by US forces in the region, with tensions heightened since mid-October due to a series of attacks on American troops.

    The broader context of increased attacks coincides with soaring tensions in the Middle East, particularly with the outbreak of the Israel-Hamas war on October 7. The interconnected dynamics of regional conflicts add complexity to the security landscape, necessitating a vigilant and proactive response from the United States to safeguard its military personnel and interests in the region.

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