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    Woman Brings Corpse to Brazil Bank, Attempts to Secure Loan in Deceased Man’s Name


    In a bizarre incident in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, a woman attempted to secure a loan using a deceased man’s identity, wheeling his corpse into a bank branch to complete the transaction. The woman, identified as Erika Vieira Nunes, brought the 68-year-old man in a wheelchair to the bank and tried to get him to sign for a loan of 17,000 reais ($3,250), despite the man having been dead for hours prior.

    Security camera footage from the bank captured the surreal scene, showing Nunes holding a pen and moving the man’s hand forward in an attempt to make him sign. She spoke to the man as if he were alive, urging him to sign and expressing concern about his well-being. However, the man remained unresponsive, as he had already passed away.

    Bank staff grew suspicious as the man’s head kept falling back when Nunes stopped holding it, leading them to alert the authorities. Police arrived at the scene and arrested Nunes on fraud charges. The deceased man was subsequently taken to the morgue for further examination.

    Nunes’ lawyer claimed that the man had died at the bank, but forensic analysis revealed that he had actually passed away earlier, while lying down. The incident has garnered widespread attention and raised questions about the lengths some individuals may go to for financial gain, highlighting the importance of vigilance and verification in banking procedures.

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