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    “Woman Tragically Falls From Gym Window in Indonesia After Treadmill Mishap”


    Tragedy Strikes as Woman Falls Out of Gym Window in Indonesia

    In a heartbreaking incident, a young woman tragically lost her life after stumbling off a treadmill and falling out of a third-floor gym window in Pontianak, West Kalimantan, Indonesia. The incident, which occurred on Tuesday, June 18, has sparked concerns about gym safety measures across the region.

    According to reports, the 22-year-old woman was running on a treadmill when she paused to wipe her face with a towel. In a sudden and unfortunate turn of events, she lost her balance, tripped backward, and tumbled out of the open window. A video circulating online captured the tragic moment as she desperately tried to grab onto the window frame before falling three stories.

    Despite being rushed to the hospital with severe head injuries, doctors were unable to save her life. An autopsy revealed extensive bruising and lacerations to her head, indicating the gravity of the fall.

    The victim had accompanied her boyfriend to the gym, who was reportedly exercising on the second floor when the tragic incident occurred. An investigation into the matter revealed that the treadmill was positioned dangerously close to the open window, with a mere 60 cm separating the two.

    Pontianak Police Commissioner Antonius Trias Kuncurojati highlighted the precarious setup, stating, “It’s very easy for someone to fall off the treadmill and then fall down.” Despite warning stickers advising against opening windows, the sticker in question was damaged. The gym owner explained that the treadmills were positioned facing the windows to maintain an unobstructed view, while personal trainers responsible for closing windows were not present at the time due to a break.

    Following the incident, the gym was temporarily closed for three days, and authorities launched an investigation into possible negligence. The gym’s operating permit is also under re-examination as part of the ongoing inquiry. Law enforcement officials are interviewing witnesses and seeking expert opinions to understand the circumstances leading to the tragic accident.

    This incident serves as a sobering reminder of the importance of stringent safety protocols in gyms and fitness centers to prevent similar accidents in the future.

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