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    “Zomato CEO Expresses Gratitude for ₹97 Lakh Tip to Delivery Partners on New Year’s Eve”


    "Indians Show Appreciation: ₹97 Lakh in Tips Given to Delivery Partners on New Year's Eve"

    As India rang in 2024 with at-home celebrations, citizens displayed immense gratitude towards delivery partners, tipping generously and setting new records for food and grocery delivery firms.

    The pinnacle of New Year’s Eve festivities witnessed a surge in single-day orders across various food and grocery delivery platforms, surpassing previous years’ records. CEOs of leading delivery apps, including Swiggy and Zomato, took to social media to share intriguing statistics, shedding light on the remarkable spike in orders that marked the onset of the new year.

    Deepinder Goyal, CEO of Zomato, disclosed an awe-inspiring figure: Indians collectively tipped over ₹97 lakh to delivery partners on New Year’s Eve. Expressing heartfelt appreciation, Goyal took to Twitter to exclaim, “Love you, India! You’ve tipped over ₹97 lakhs till now to the delivery partners serving you tonight.”

    The heartwarming post triggered a wave of positive responses, with users expressing admiration for the tipping culture and the dedication of these delivery partners. Many lauded the gesture, acknowledging the hard work and commitment of these essential workers.

    In response to Goyal’s post, users expressed curiosity about India’s tipping behavior, seeking insights into average per-order tips and their proportion relative to the order value. Additionally, they commended the deserving delivery partners and underscored the significance of such acts of appreciation.

    Goyal further highlighted the staggering volume of deliveries, sharing that Zomato’s platform processed an equivalent number of orders on New Year’s Eve 2023 as it did collectively on New Year’s Eves from 2015 to 2020. He expressed enthusiasm for the future, signaling promising growth and evolution in the industry.

    Albinder Dhindsa, CEO of Blinkit, a quick-commerce delivery platform under Zomato’s umbrella, echoed this sentiment, revealing record-breaking figures for orders per minute and overall daily orders.

    The outpouring of generosity and appreciation displayed by Indian customers towards delivery partners underscores the nation’s acknowledgment of their dedication, especially during celebratory occasions. Such gestures not only acknowledge their efforts but also reflect the intrinsic goodness prevailing amidst challenging times.

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