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    “Zuckerberg Calls Off Cage Fight Speculation, Musk Responds with ‘Chicken’ Jab”


    "Zuckerberg Calls Off Cage Fight Speculation, Musk Responds with 'Chicken' Jab"

    The ongoing public rivalry between tech giants Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta Platforms Inc., and Elon Musk, the world’s richest person and CEO of various companies including Tesla and SpaceX, has taken an interesting turn as Zuckerberg calls off speculation about a potential cage fight match between the two. Musk’s response, terming Zuckerberg a “chicken,” adds more fuel to the fire of their playful feud.

    Zuckerberg’s announcement came through his own platform, Threads, Meta’s social media platform that allows users to post short blurbs in a similar fashion to Twitter. He stated, “I think we can all agree Elon isn’t serious and it’s time to move on. I offered a real date. Dana White offered to make this a legit competition for charity. Elon won’t confirm a date, then says he needs surgery, and now asks to do a practice round in my backyard instead. If Elon ever gets serious about a real date and official event, he knows how to reach me. Otherwise, time to move on. I’m going to focus on competing with people who take the sport seriously.”

    Elon Musk, known for his candid and often humorous remarks, swiftly responded on X, formerly known as Twitter, with a playful jab at Zuckerberg. He wrote, “Zuck is a chicken,” signaling his readiness to continue the playful banter.

    The rivalry between the two tech moguls gained momentum following the initial success of Meta’s Threads social media platform in July. Threads gained immense popularity, amassing 100 million users within a week of its launch. The platform allows users to share concise thoughts similar to X, the platform owned by Musk.

    Amid the success of Threads, Musk teased the possibility of a cage fight between him and Zuckerberg for several weeks. However, the situation took a turn when Musk revealed last week that he would be undergoing an MRI for his neck and upper back, potentially requiring surgery. This development led to further speculation about the fate of the proposed match.

    As the playful feud between these two high-profile figures continues, their exchanges capture the attention of the tech community and the public at large. Whether the rivalry remains in the realm of playful banter or translates into a concrete event, it certainly adds an entertaining element to the tech world’s ongoing conversations.

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