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    “19 Gazans Killed in Aid Queue Strikes , Says Hamas”


    Gaza Aid Distribution Turns Deadly as 19 Gazans Killed in Strikes, Israel Denies Responsibility

    In a tragic turn of events, 19 Gazans lost their lives in strikes while waiting for aid at a distribution point on Saturday. The Hamas-run government in Gaza has accused Israel of firing on the crowd, resulting in the deaths and injuries of civilians desperately seeking relief supplies.

    The Hamas government media office reported that the incident occurred at the Kuwait roundabout, where Gazans were waiting for aid trucks. According to the health ministry, Israeli tank fire and shells targeted the crowd, leading to 19 fatalities and 23 injuries. However, the Israeli army has denied responsibility for the attack, stating that there was no aerial strike or firing by Israeli forces at the aid convoy.

    Footage from AFPTV showed bloodied Gazans being transported to Al-Ahli hospital, highlighting the severity of the situation. Wael al-Mamlouk, a resident of Gaza City, appealed to Arab governments to intervene and address what he described as Israeli abuses against civilians.

    This tragic incident is the latest in a series of deadly events during aid distributions in Gaza. The region is facing dire humanitarian conditions, with half of Gazans experiencing severe hunger and the threat of famine looming. The United Nations-backed food assessment has warned of a catastrophic situation, especially in the north of the territory.

    Aid distribution in Gaza has become increasingly dangerous, with previous instances of Israeli fire resulting in casualties among civilians waiting for humanitarian assistance. The Israeli military has often cited security concerns and threats posed by armed Palestinians during these distributions.

    The international community has been urged to take immediate action to prevent further loss of life and address the worsening humanitarian crisis in Gaza. Efforts to ensure safe and effective aid delivery to those in need remain critical amid ongoing tensions in the region.

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