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    “Vietnamese Man Undergoes Successful Surgery to Remove 12-Inch Live Eel from Rectum”


    A startling medical case has emerged from Vietnam’s Quang Ninh Province, where a 34-year-old man underwent emergency surgery to remove a live eel from his abdomen. The incident began with the man experiencing severe abdominal cramps, leading him to seek medical attention at the Hai Ha district medical center.

    Doctors swiftly conducted diagnostic tests, including X-rays and ultrasounds, which revealed a foreign object lodged in the man’s abdomen. This discovery raised concerns of peritonitis, an inflammation of the abdominal lining that can be life-threatening. According to reports from Oddity Central, the foreign object causing the condition turned out to be a live eel, approximately 30cm long.

    The eel’s journey into the man’s abdomen was as astonishing as it was concerning for medical professionals. It is believed that the eel entered through his rectum and traveled up his colon, causing intestinal perforation and necessitating emergency surgery. During the delicate operation, surgeons carefully removed the live eel and repaired the damaged tissue in the intestines.

    Despite the unusual and risky nature of the surgery, the operation was successful, and the patient is said to be recovering well, experiencing only mild discomfort post-surgery. The medical team expressed surprise at the eel’s survival throughout the ordeal, adding to the intrigue of the case.

    Dr. Pham Manh Hung, speaking to local media, noted the uncommon nature of the case and the challenges posed by infections in the rectal area. He emphasized the success of the surgery in addressing the complications caused by the eel’s presence and ensuring the patient’s recovery.

    The circumstances leading to the eel’s presence in the man’s abdomen remain a mystery, leaving medical professionals and the public curious about how such a bizarre incident could occur. The incident serves as a reminder of the complexities of medical emergencies and the expertise required to navigate unusual and challenging cases successfully.

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