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    A Night of Recognition: Being Sevak Charitable Trust Honored for its Outstanding Contributions


    28th October 2023

    A Night of Recognition: Being Sevak Charitable Trust Honored for its Outstanding Contributions

    On the distinguished evening of October 28, 2023, Being Sevak Charitable Trust added another feather to its cap as it received the prestigious India International Influencer Award (IIIA) at the Orchid Hotel in Andheri West. The event, graced by the esteemed presence of Amruta Fadnavis, marked a significant milestone in recognizing the trust’s unwavering commitment to philanthropy.

    Amruta Fadnavis, known for her dedication to social causes, presented the IIIA Award for Best NGO in Mumbai to Mr. Priyank Shah, Trustee of Being Sevak Charitable Trust. The recognition underscores the organization’s innovative and inclusive initiatives, emphasizing its remarkable impact on community welfare and its tireless efforts to create positive change.

    The award ceremony highlighted Being Sevak Charitable Trust’s dynamic approach in addressing societal challenges, particularly its commendable work for visually impaired individuals, contributions to education, healthcare, and overall community support. Amidst strong competition, the trust’s commitment to inclusivity and innovation stood out, earning them the prestigious accolade.

    In her address, Amruta Fadnavis commended the trust’s dedication to fostering positive change and implementing initiatives aligned with core values of inclusivity and innovation. The IIIA Award not only acknowledges past accomplishments but also serves as an encouragement for Being Sevak Charitable Trust to persist in its impactful work and inspire others to contribute meaningfully to societal betterment.

    Members and volunteers of the trust, present at the ceremony, expressed their gratitude for the honor and reiterated their unwavering commitment to creating a more inclusive and compassionate world. As Being Sevak Charitable Trust proudly adds the IIIA Award to its list of accolades, it stands as a beacon of inspiration, showcasing the profound impact that collective efforts and innovative initiatives can have on the well-being of communities. The event emphasized the importance of recognizing and celebrating organizations that strive to make a lasting difference in the lives of those they serve.

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