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    “Farmers’ Sugarcane Price Protest Paralyzes Punjab: Rail Traffic Disrupted”


    Punjab Farmers’ Protest Halts Rail Traffic, Demanding Sugarcane Price Hike

    Punjab’s agrarian community, under the banner of Samyukt Kisan Morcha (SKM), has intensified their protest for a hike in sugarcane prices, resulting in significant disruptions to rail services and highways. The farmers’ relentless demands for a raise from ₹380 to ₹450 per quintal, a streamlined payment system at sugar mills, flood-related crop damage compensation, and the immediate commencement of sugarcane crushing have led to a standoff with the government.

    The agitation escalated as activists obstructed the Amritsar-Delhi railway track near Dhanowalui, leading to the cancellation and alteration of numerous train routes. The blockade affected trains plying between Jalandhar-New Delhi and Amritsar-Jalandhar, causing inconvenience to passengers and commuters.

    Manjit Singh Rai, a vocal SKM activist, affirmed their stance, stating that the protest would persist until the state government accedes to their demands. Their ultimatum materialized with the blockade of both national highways and rail tracks, compelling diversions of vehicular traffic to alternate routes and prompting the cancellation of several trains.

    In response to the disruption, railway authorities in Ferozepur took measures prioritizing passenger safety. They canceled, partially canceled, diverted, or altered the routes of multiple trains traversing stations like Chandigarh, Amritsar, Ludhiana, Sahnewal, Jalandhar Cantonment, and Chhehru. Refunds of approximately ₹5 lakh were issued to passengers affected by cancellations, while additional help desks and ticket counters were established to assist and compensate inconvenienced travelers.

    The intensifying agitation underscores the farmers’ unwavering determination to secure fair pricing for their produce and necessary systemic reforms in the sugar industry. As the standoff persists, authorities and protesters remain locked in a deadlock, leaving thousands of passengers and commuters caught in the crossfire between demands and disruptions.

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