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    All you need to know about Cyber Security Professional – Nitin Pandey


    Nitin Pandey: A well known Cyber Security Professional from Uttar Pradesh, India

    One of the greatest essential yet hated spaces in a society that is so interconnected is cyberspace. People on the internet have had to deal with anything from bank fraud to social media impersonation, cyber bullying, and cyber extortion.

    Nitin Pandey is a Cyber Security Evangelist with over 14 years of expertise in the security arena. Nitin specializes in ethical hacking, information security and compliance, the dark web, counter-and-cyber terrorist activity, cybercrime inquiries, cyber threat intelligence, cyber safety, methodologies for social engineering, and financial fraud, among other things. He is presently working as a Cyber Security Trainer at CyberPeace Foundation and has experience as a Senior Cyber Consultant with the Uttar Pradesh Police Headquarters in Lucknow. Nitin has been widely recognized for his excellence in leading and delivering Cyber Security Projects, Assessments, Talks, Views, and Trainings in various sectors involving Public, Private Enterprises, and Government by industry leading Cyber Security firms, communities, law enforcement agencies, and senior professionals.

    Nitin Pandey, like other Cyber Security professionals, has expertise in Penetration Testing, Cyber Crime Investigations, Security Strategy, Incident Response, Incident Management, Fraud Control, Security Audit, SOC, Service Management, Wireless Security,  Network Penetration Testing,  Crisis Management,and other areas. These are some of the areas where he feels most at ease delivering services to others., a prominent and India’s first Bi-Lingual News Portal, has created a Cyber Quotient- CQ100 list that comprises India’s most influential and believed cyber pioneers who have contributed to the development of the country’s cyber ecosystem. Many of those on the list have been associated with the IT act from its creation, while others have explored ways to make India’s banking and financial industry more robust. Many pioneers in the fields of cyber law, forensics, cyber security, banking and financial systems, counter-terrorism, policing, and so on are represented on this list. Each of them has contributed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of Digital India.

    A countrywide poll of topic experts, social media popularity, and open-source data were used to compile this complete list. Cyber lawyers, cyber experts, forensic experts, cyber cops, CAs, ethical hackers, CISOs, cyber educators, auditors, fraud risk professionals in banks, insurance, NBFC, corporates, and other experts working with critical national infrastructure such as CERT, National Critical Information Infrastructure Protection Centre (NCIIPC), Navy, NTRO, Air Force, RBI, Army,  INTERPOL, and others are included on the list.

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