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    “Iran and Pakistan Ambassadors to Resume Work as Tensions Ease After Deadly Strikes”


    Diplomatic Thaw: Iran and Pakistan Ambassadors Set to Return Amid De-escalation

    In a significant development, Iran and Pakistan have announced the resumption of ambassadorial duties as both nations seek to de-escalate tensions arising from a recent exchange of deadly strikes. A joint statement released by the foreign ministries in Tehran and Islamabad revealed that the ambassadors of both countries are expected to return to their respective posts by January 26.

    The decision follows a phone call between Iran’s Foreign Minister, Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, and his Pakistani counterpart, Jalil Abbas Jilani. Additionally, Amir-Abdollahian is scheduled to visit Pakistan on January 29, extending an olive branch after the recent diplomatic strain.

    Last week, Pakistan conducted airstrikes on “militant targets” in Iran, responding to similar strikes by Iran on its territory just two days earlier. Iran clarified that its strikes targeted Jaish al-Adl, a jihadist group designated as a “terrorist” organization by Iran, responsible for several deadly attacks within its borders.

    The Iranian strikes, resulting in casualties, drew strong condemnation from Pakistan, prompting the recall of its ambassador from Tehran and blocking Iran’s envoy from returning to Islamabad. Tehran reciprocated by summoning Islamabad’s charge d’affaires over Pakistan’s airstrikes, which claimed lives on Iranian soil.

    The diplomatic standoff took a positive turn after a phone conversation between Jilani and Amir-Abdollahian on Friday. Both leaders agreed to de-escalate the situation, paving the way for the ambassadors’ return and fostering diplomatic dialogue.

    The recent military actions in the Baluchistan border region, divided between the two nations, had heightened regional tensions, exacerbated by existing geopolitical conflicts. Sistan-Baluchistan, a predominantly Sunni Muslim province in Shiite-dominated Iran, has witnessed persistent unrest involving cross-border smuggling activities, Baluchi rebel groups, and jihadist elements.

    As Iran and Pakistan move towards diplomatic reconciliation, the hope is that the return of ambassadors and high-level visits will contribute to stability in the region, mitigating the impact of recent hostilities.

    Sources By Agencies

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