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    “Allegations of Drunk and Disobedient Russian Soldiers Sent to Ukraine Frontlines in ‘Storm-Z’ Units Raise Concerns”


    Russia Sends Drunk and Disobedient Soldiers to Ukraine Frontlines in "Storm-Z" Units

    A troubling report has emerged concerning the alleged deployment of drunk and disobedient Russian soldiers to the frontlines in Ukraine as part of what are known as “Storm-Z” human shield squads. These units are reportedly tasked with undertaking highly dangerous missions and are often sent over the trenches on apparent suicide missions.

    According to accounts provided by soldiers in these units, individuals with a history of misconduct, including being drunk on duty, using drugs, and disobeying orders, are being ordered to join the Storm-Z squads as a form of punishment. One soldier disclosed that if soldiers are caught with the scent of alcohol on their breath, they are promptly assigned to these squads. Notably, Russian military legislation stipulates that a soldier can only be transferred to a penal unit if convicted by a military court. However, Storm-Z fighters claim to have no knowledge of such court hearings taking place.

    Soldiers in the vicinity of the eastern city of Bakhmut have expressed deep concerns about the treatment of Storm-Z squads. One soldier stated that the fighters in these units are often viewed as expendable, with little regard for their safety. He further revealed that he had defied an order from his commander to abandon a group of wounded Storm-Z fighters, highlighting the dire circumstances they face.

    These Storm-Z squads, comprising approximately 100 to 150 men, are embedded within regular Russian army units. Reports suggest that at least five such groups have been deployed in the south and east of Ukraine. The Conflict Intelligence Team, a Russian investigative outlet, has raised questions about the legality and conditions surrounding these units.

    In a shocking revelation, one soldier disclosed that 15 out of 120 men in his unit were either killed or wounded in fighting near Bakhmut in June. Another incident involved a group of 20 fighters in Zaporizhzhia who refused to return to the battlefield, citing inadequate supplies and neglect.

    “On the front line, where we’ve been, we did not get deliveries of ammunition,” one squad member revealed in a video posted online. “We did not get water or food. The injured were not taken away: still now the dead are rotting.”

    The use of Storm-Z squads has raised serious concerns about military discipline, human rights, and the treatment of soldiers in the Russian armed forces. As this situation unfolds, it continues to draw international attention and scrutiny.

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