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    Baltimore Tragedy: 21 Crew Members Stranded Onboard Amid Bridge Collapse Probe


    Baltimore Tragedy: 21 Crew Members Stranded Onboard Amid Bridge Collapse Probe

    The aftermath of the tragic bridge collapse in Baltimore has left 21 crew members of the cargo vessel Dali stranded onboard as investigations into the incident continue. Despite partial reopening of the Port of Baltimore, the crew remains onboard until the probe is complete, adding to the challenges faced by recovery teams.

    The Port of Baltimore partially reopened, creating a temporary channel for trapped tugs and barges after last week’s bridge collapse. However, the Dali’s Indian crew has been stranded for a week, awaiting the completion of the investigation.

    According to a spokesperson from Grace Ocean Pte and Synergy Marine, the crew members are carrying out their normal duties onboard and will remain there until the investigation concludes. Investigators have collected crucial documents and evidence from the vessel as part of their probe into the bridge collapse.

    The primary challenge for recovery teams is to free the cargo vessel Dali, which is trapped under steel bridge debris along with 4,000 containers and the crew. Governor Wes Moore highlighted the enormity of the project, emphasizing the complexity of even the smallest tasks due to the scale of the wreckage.

    Limited ship traffic has resumed with the opening of temporary channels, but the exact timeline for clearing the harbor remains uncertain. Governor Moore announced plans for additional temporary channels to facilitate port operations once debris is cleared.

    U.S. President Joe Biden is scheduled to visit Baltimore to assess the recovery efforts firsthand. The Biden administration has been actively involved, providing resources and working with Congress to ensure federal funding for bridge reconstruction.

    As the investigation continues and recovery efforts persist, the focus remains on safely freeing the stranded crew members and restoring normalcy to the Port of Baltimore. The tragic incident serves as a reminder of the challenges and risks faced in maritime operations and infrastructure management.

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