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    “Two Indians Missing in Taiwan Earthquake Sparks Intense Search Operations”


    Two Indians Missing in Taiwan Earthquake, Search Operations Underway

    In the aftermath of a devastating earthquake in Taiwan, two Indian nationals have been reported missing. The earthquake, described as the strongest in 25 years, struck the region on Wednesday, causing widespread damage and casualties.

    The missing individuals, a man and a woman, were last seen near Taroko Gorge, close to the epicenter of the earthquake. Search operations have been launched to locate them, with authorities and rescue teams intensifying efforts in the affected areas.

    The earthquake’s impact was severe, leading to the deaths of at least nine people and injuring more than 1,000 others. The epicenter of the quake was off the coast of rural, mountainous Hualien County, where numerous buildings suffered structural damage, some leaning at severe angles with crushed ground floors.

    Rescue workers have been deployed to Hualien, focusing on locating and freeing individuals who may be trapped under debris. Excavators are being used to stabilize damaged buildings, and efforts are underway to clear roads blocked by fallen rocks and landslides.

    The earthquake and subsequent aftershocks triggered 24 landslides and caused damage to roads, bridges, and tunnels. In Taipei, tiles fell from older buildings, schools evacuated students to safety, and minor damage was reported in areas such as the national legislature and the main airport in Taoyuan.

    Residents in affected areas shared their experiences, with one individual from Taipei expressing fear and shock at the intensity of the earthquake. Reports indicated that some workers were stranded at rock quarries due to damaged roads, highlighting the challenges faced by rescue teams in reaching isolated areas.

    As search operations continue and communities work to recover from the earthquake’s impact, the focus remains on locating the missing individuals and providing support to those affected by this natural disaster.

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