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    “Bengaluru Resident Discovers Metal Object in Swiggy Order, Receives ₹50 Refund Amid Safety Concerns”


    A Bengaluru resident’s casual meal turned into a distressing experience when he discovered a metal piece in his chicken shawarma ordered through Swiggy, a popular online food delivery platform. The incident, shared on Reddit, has sparked outrage as the customer expressed shock not only at finding foreign material in his food but also at Swiggy’s response to the complaint.

    The customer, who ordered from an outlet in Bengaluru’s Nagawara, took to Reddit to detail the incident, posting a picture of the metal piece next to his partially consumed shawarma. Expressing surprise and concern, he narrated how he noticed a crisp object, later identified as a metal piece from the flame grill used in shawarma preparation.

    Upon contacting Swiggy’s support team to report the incident, the customer expected a prompt and serious response regarding the safety and quality of the delivered food. To his dismay, he was offered a mere ₹50 refund as a “token of apology” by the customer support executive.

    The Reddit post has garnered significant attention, amassing over 3,300 upvotes and various comments from users advising the aggrieved customer to take legal action against both the restaurant and Swiggy. Many suggested filing a consumer complaint to address the serious lapse in food safety.

    The customer, expressing his shock at the seemingly lax response, questioned the seriousness of the situation, highlighting the potential health risk. He shared his intention to explore legal avenues or report the incident to relevant authorities to ensure appropriate action against the restaurant and Swiggy.

    Commenters on the post echoed similar sentiments, encouraging the customer to pursue legal recourse to hold both the restaurant and Swiggy accountable for the compromised food quality. Some users emphasized the need for stronger regulations and processes to ensure food safety and quality standards in the industry.

    This incident adds to a growing number of cases where consumers have discovered foreign objects in their food orders, prompting concerns about the overall safety and quality control in the food delivery sector. As the story gains traction, it underscores the importance of stringent measures and accountability to maintain consumer trust in the online food delivery ecosystem.

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