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    “BSF Recovers Suspected Airdropped Pistols Near India-Pakistan Border in Punjab’s Tarn Taran”


    Punjab Border Security Recovers Suspected Airdropped Pistols from Tarn Taran

    The vigilance and responsive actions of the Border Security Force (BSF) in Punjab’s Tarn Taran district led to the recovery of two Glock pistols, suspected to be airdropped by a Pakistani drone, near the India-Pakistan border.

    Following specific intelligence inputs, BSF personnel retrieved a China-made drone from a field in Khalra village on Friday. Subsequently, a thorough search operation was initiated, resulting in the discovery of two Glock pistols on the premises of a government school in Khalra during further investigations on Saturday.

    An official statement from the BSF highlighted that the recovered weapons, enveloped in yellow adhesive tape, were manufactured in Austria. Emphasizing their commitment to monitoring drone intrusions, the BSF underscored their tireless efforts in tracking such activities, attributing the successful recoveries to the diligent work of their ground forces.

    The recovery of the Pakistani drone and the subsequent retrieval of firearms mark significant breakthroughs in the BSF’s ongoing efforts to curtail unauthorized aerial activities along the border. The timely actions and detailed search operations demonstrate the BSF’s proactive stance in averting potential security threats posed by such incursions.

    BSF’s vigilant operations and successful recoveries underscore the critical need for continuous surveillance and rapid response measures to safeguard the border regions against clandestine attempts to infiltrate weaponry and unauthorized materials.

    The developments serve as a stark reminder of the persistent challenges along the India-Pakistan border, necessitating stringent monitoring and swift actions by security forces to prevent any untoward incidents and uphold national security.

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