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    “Leopard Sighted in Delhi’s Sainik Farm Area, Traps Set Amid Safety Alert”


    Leopard Sighted in Delhi's Sainik Farm Area; Traps Set Amidst Heightened Caution

    Delhi’s tranquil Sainik Farm area was recently thrust into vigilance as reports emerged of a leopard sighting, prompting swift action from the forest department and local authorities. A forest department official confirmed the presence of the big cat in the vicinity, necessitating the deployment of two trap cages in an effort to secure the animal and prevent potential risks to residents.

    Subodh Kumar, a beat officer from the forest department at Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary, disclosed the proactive measures undertaken, revealing the deployment of two teams from the department in response to the sighting.

    “Our attention was drawn to a leopard sighting during the night. Collaborating with local law enforcement, our search commenced at 9:30 am, leading to the visual confirmation of the animal near a farmhouse,” Kumar stated.

    Describing the leopard as a full-grown specimen weighing between 80 to 90 kilograms, Kumar emphasized the need for caution and preventive measures.

    As a safety protocol, the forest department strategically positioned two trap cages and issued directives urging locals to abstain from gathering near these areas, as relayed by a police official.

    Videos capturing the leopard’s presence have circulated on social media, showcasing the animal roaming in close proximity to a farmhouse. One of the videos portrays a scene where a policeman hurriedly moves away as the leopard leaps from a wall and disappears into the surrounding jungle.

    A heightened presence of personnel, totaling approximately 40 members comprising forest department officials and Delhi Police, has been established in the area to maintain surveillance and ensure public safety, highlighting the gravity of the situation and the collaborative efforts to address it.

    The sighting has invoked a sense of caution and prompted increased vigilance among residents, urging everyone to remain vigilant and adhere to safety advisories issued by the authorities until the situation is resolved.

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