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    “China Ventures to Unearth Ultra-Deep Gas Reserves with Second 10,000-Meter Drilling Project”


    China Embarks on Ambitious Drilling Project: 10,000-Meter-Deep Hole for Ultra-Deep Gas Reserves

    China has launched an ambitious drilling project, marking the second time it is attempting to drill a 10,000-meter-deep hole in search of ultra-deep reserves of natural gas. On Thursday, China National Petroleum Corp (CNPC) commenced drilling the Shendi Chuanke 1 Well in Sichuan province, designed to reach a depth of 10,520 meters (6.5 miles). This significant exploration falls under the Deep Earth drilling project and is expected to provide vital data on Earth’s internal structure and test drilling technologies.

    The endeavor in Sichuan province aims to unlock the region’s vast ultra-deep reserves of natural gas. While the project was initially considered experimental, it has now evolved to contribute to China’s scientific research and oil and gas resource development goals, as reported by state news outlet China Electric Power News.

    Sichuan, renowned for its picturesque mountain views, spicy cuisine, and adorable pandas, also houses some of China’s largest shale gas reserves. Despite this abundance, the state-owned oil giants have faced challenges in tapping into these resources due to complex underground geology and difficult terrain.

    In response to geopolitical tensions, global price volatility, and power shortages, the Chinese government has urged energy companies to enhance fuel security by boosting domestic production. As part of this effort, the Chuanke-1 Well project aims to collect crucial geological information from the unprecedented depth of 10,000 meters, revolutionizing theories on oil and gas accumulation.

    Ding Wei, the deputy manager of the project, emphasized the importance of creating an international, first-class technical team in the country through this exploration. The 10,000-meter-deep drilling project has been likened to a “major national project” similar to the lunar exploration initiative, highlighting its significance in China’s scientific and energy ambitions.

    However, engineers face formidable challenges as they delve deeper into the Earth’s crust. At depths beyond 10,000 meters, metal drilling tools can become as soft as noodles due to the searing temperature of 224 degrees Celsius (435 Fahrenheit). Chief engineer Yang Yu compares the ultra-high pressure environment of 138 MegaPascal to “diving into the deep sea of 13,800 meters,” surpassing the seawater pressure of the Mariana Trench, the deepest point in the world’s oceans.

    Despite these extraordinary challenges, China remains resolute in pushing the boundaries of scientific research and energy exploration. The successful completion of the Chuanke-1 Well will not only enhance China’s fuel security but also position the nation at the forefront of cutting-edge drilling technologies, solidifying its position as a global leader in scientific and resource development endeavors.

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