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    “Maharashtra Deputy CM Devendra Fadnavis Dismisses Leadership Change Claims Amidst Speculations”


    Maharashtra Deputy CM Devendra Fadnavis Responds to Speculation of Leadership Change; Asserts Eknath Shinde to Remain CM

    Maharashtra Deputy Chief Minister, Devendra Fadnavis, responded to recent speculations about a potential leadership change within the state’s political landscape. In a press statement on Monday, Fadnavis categorically ruled out any alterations in the leadership structure, dismissing senior Congress leader Prithviraj Chavan’s claims of Ajit Pawar replacing Chief Minister Eknath Shinde by August 10.

    The political atmosphere in Maharashtra has been rife with rumors and speculations regarding the future leadership of the state. However, Fadnavis affirmed that the alliance partners of the ruling ‘Mahayuti’ government are in complete agreement over the leadership and Shinde will continue to hold the position of Chief Minister.

    “As a leader of the single largest party in ‘Mahayuti’, I am officially telling you that Ajit Pawar will not become the chief minister of Maharashtra,” Fadnavis asserted, speaking to reporters on the premises of Vidhan Bhavan.

    Fadnavis also revealed that Ajit Pawar had been informed about the power-sharing formula and had agreed to it, clarifying that there was no discussion on changing the guard in Maharashtra.

    Addressing Prithviraj Chavan’s claims, Fadnavis reproached him for spreading rumors and asserted that there is no confusion among leaders, although party workers might become perplexed by such misinformation.

    “They should stop confusing people about ‘Mahayuti.’ If something is going to happen by August 10, it would be the expansion of the state Cabinet. The CM will take a call on it,” Fadnavis stated firmly.

    Earlier in the day, Prithviraj Chavan had asserted that Ajit Pawar, who recently joined the Shinde-led cabinet as his deputy, will replace Eknath Shinde as the Chief Minister around August 10. Chavan also alleged that a decision on the disqualification of CM Shinde and 15 other MLAs of Shiv Sena would be taken around the same time.

    Chavan further claimed that the BJP is not keen on contesting the next Lok Sabha elections under Shinde’s leadership, stating that the party believes Ajit Pawar presents a more favorable alternative.

    In response to Chavan’s remarks, Fadnavis condemned the “use and throw” work style of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, emphasizing that Shinde’s fate does not align with such allegations. Fadnavis dismissed suggestions that the BJP wants to replace Shinde with Ajit Pawar as Chief Minister and face elections.

    As political tension continues to brew, Maharashtra’s leadership situation remains under scrutiny. Amidst the ongoing controversy, Fadnavis’ reassurance of stability within the ‘Mahayuti’ government seeks to dispel uncertainties and maintain the focus on governance and development in the state.

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