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    “Chinese G20 Sherpa Affirms China’s Multilateral Engagement Despite Xi Jinping’s Absence from Summit”


    The G20 Summit in New Delhi has been marked by the notable absence of Chinese President Xi Jinping. However, G20 Sherpa Amitabh Kant has underlined China’s role as a significant player in multilateral discussions, emphasizing that multilateral issues differ from bilateral ones. Kant noted that China contributes to discussions on growth and development from its unique perspective.

    In multilateral forums like the G20, achieving consensus can be challenging, as every participating country holds veto power. Nevertheless, Kant affirmed India’s ability to work with every nation to build consensus on various issues.

    In Xi Jinping’s stead, Chinese Premier Li Qiang is representing China at the summit. Xi is the second G20 member state leader to skip the event, following Russia’s Vladimir Putin.

    The absence of Xi Jinping has garnered international attention, with some expressing disappointment. US President Joe Biden, who attended the summit, expressed his disappointment while acknowledging that he would meet with Xi separately.

    Xi’s decision to skip the G20 Summit coincides with recent controversy surrounding China’s release of a “standard map” that includes disputed territories like Arunachal Pradesh and Aksai Chin as part of its territory. This move has stirred tensions in the region and raised questions about China’s territorial claims.

    Despite Xi’s absence, the G20 Summit continues its discussions on critical global issues, with leaders from various countries working toward solutions on a range of economic and geopolitical challenges.

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