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    “PM Modi and President Biden Discuss India-US Ties Ahead of G20 Summit”


    PM Modi Hosts President Biden for Bilateral Talks on India-US Relations and Key Agreements

    New Delhi, India – Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi held a crucial bilateral discussion with United States President Joe Biden at his residence in Delhi on Friday evening, setting the stage for substantive talks ahead of the G20 Summit. As Air Force One touched down in Delhi, the Prime Minister’s Office shared images of the leaders engaged in discussions aimed at strengthening the India-US partnership.

    The meeting between Prime Minister Modi and President Biden covered a wide range of issues that are expected to deepen the bond between the two nations. Among the topics on the agenda are discussions regarding a potential deal for jet engines, the procurement of predator drones, and collaborative efforts in critical technology sectors like 5G and emerging 6G networks.

    While rumors of a major rail deal also surfaced, US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan neither confirmed nor denied the reports. However, he highlighted the significance of improving connectivity from India, traversing the Middle East to Europe, emphasizing the economic and strategic benefits such connectivity could bring to all involved nations.

    Following their bilateral meeting, Prime Minister Modi is set to host President Biden for dinner, fostering a personal rapport that is expected to further enhance diplomatic ties.

    Earlier on the day of his arrival in India, President Biden shared his enthusiasm for the G20 Summit on X (formerly Twitter), emphasizing the importance of international economic cooperation. He expressed a commitment to addressing American priorities, supporting developing nations, and showcasing the G20 as a forum capable of delivering results on the global stage.

    While in Delhi, President Biden will stay at the opulent ITC Maurya Sheraton hotel. The White House aims to underscore the United States’ capacity to deliver on global issues during this summit, particularly as emerging economies like those in the BRICS group unite to ensure their concerns are addressed.

    Notably, the BRICS bloc, consisting of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa, recently announced plans to welcome six new member nations, including the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, further expanding its global influence.

    President Biden’s visit to India follows a COVID-19 scare within his family, as First Lady Jill Biden tested positive for the virus. The President, however, tested negative before embarking on his trip.

    As leaders from around the world converge on Delhi for the G20 Summit, discussions are expected to encompass various global challenges, including the conflict in Ukraine and climate change. The summit’s success may hinge on countries’ willingness to be constructive and responsible in addressing these pressing issues.

    UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, who arrived in Delhi for the summit, underscored the United Kingdom’s determination to combat Khalistani terror threats, emphasizing that extremism or violence of any kind is not acceptable in his country. The international community’s response to such challenges will likely be a topic of discussion during the summit.

    The G20 Summit brings together leaders from major economies to deliberate on pressing global issues and foster international cooperation. The outcome of the summit remains uncertain, with negotiations ongoing on issues like Ukraine, climate change, and access to technology.

    As the world watches, the discussions and agreements reached at the G20 Summit will have far-reaching implications for global geopolitics, economics, and cooperation on critical challenges.

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