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    “Controversial Chinese Restaurant Shut Down Over Male Waiters Feeding Women Mouth-to-Mouth”


    Chinese Restaurant Closed After Controversial Videos of Male Waiters Feeding Women Mouth to Mouth

    A restaurant in China, known as the “Macho Restaurant,” has been shut down by authorities after videos emerged showing male waiters engaging in provocative and controversial activities with female customers. The restaurant, located in the Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture in Yunnan province, had gained attention for its daringly dressed male waiters who entertained a predominantly female audience with seductive dance routines.

    The videos circulating online depicted the waiters feeding female customers directly from their mouths, performing suggestive dances, and offering shoulder massages. The establishment faced criticism for breaching social ethics and disrespecting cultural traditions in the region.

    In response to the controversy, the local authorities took action against the restaurant, ordering it to cease operations. Additionally, an amount of 10,664 yuan earned through illegal means was confiscated, and the restaurant was fined ten times the confiscated income.

    The self-styled ‘Macho Restaurant,’ which had been operating since April, claimed to promote a Siamese theme with the name “Thai Drum Thai Drum Thai Cuisine.” However, its provocative performances led to its eventual closure due to concerns over social morality and cultural sensitivity.

    The incident has sparked discussions on social media and drawn attention to the need for responsible and culturally sensitive practices in the food and entertainment industry.

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