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    Delhi Metro Allows Carrying Sealed Alcohol Bottles, but Drinking Prohibited; Strict Conditions Apply


    The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) has announced that passengers are now permitted to carry two sealed bottles of alcohol on all lines of the Delhi Metro. However, consuming alcohol inside the metro premises remains strictly prohibited. The DMRC issued a statement on Friday clarifying the new policy, emphasizing the need for passengers to adhere to certain conditions.

    According to the statement released by the DMRC, individuals are allowed to carry two sealed bottles of alcohol per person, aligning with the provisions already in place for the Airport Express Line. The DMRC clarified that until recently, alcohol was prohibited on all lines except the Airport metro line.

    In response to a query by news agency PTI, the DMRC confirmed that a committee comprising officials from the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) and DMRC had reviewed the earlier order, leading to the revised policy allowing the carriage of alcohol on all lines.

    However, the statement made it clear that drinking alcohol inside the metro premises is strictly forbidden. The DMRC emphasized the importance of maintaining decorum while traveling on the metro, urging passengers to behave responsibly. The statement also highlighted that any passenger found behaving indecently under the influence of alcohol would face appropriate legal action.

    Alongside the update on alcohol, the DMRC reiterated the list of prohibited items within the Delhi Metro. Sharp objects, explosive materials, flammable items, disabling chemicals, guns and firearms, and offensive items remain strictly banned to ensure the safety and security of all passengers.

    The revised policy regarding alcohol aims to strike a balance between passenger convenience and maintaining a respectful and secure environment within the metro system. By allowing the carriage of sealed alcohol bottles, the DMRC acknowledges the changing needs of passengers while ensuring that drinking alcohol on the metro is not permitted.

    Passengers are reminded to adhere to the regulations and guidelines set forth by the DMRC, promoting a pleasant and safe commuting experience for everyone. The DMRC’s decision reflects its commitment to maintaining a well-regulated and comfortable public transport system in the bustling city of Delhi.

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