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    “Devastating Brazil Floods: 57 Dead, 70k Displaced in Heavy Rain and Landslides”


    Brazil Floods: Over 57 Killed, 70,000 Displaced Amid Heavy Rain and Landslides

    Heavy rain in Brazil has unleashed devastating floods and landslides, leading to the loss of over 57 lives and displacing around 70,000 people, according to reports from the country’s civil defense agency. The calamity struck several cities, with significant repercussions felt in the economically vital city of Porto Alegre.

    The torrential rains in Rio Grande do Sul, a state bordering Uruguay and Argentina, triggered a deluge that caused mudslides, partial dam collapses, and widespread destruction. The Guaiba River, flowing through Porto Alegre, surged to a historic high of 5.04 meters (16.5 feet), surpassing records dating back to the catastrophic floods of 1941.

    The impact on infrastructure has been severe, with the international airport in Porto Alegre suspending all international flights due to the city’s dire conditions. Streets have been inundated as the Guaiba River overflowed, disrupting normal life and hampering rescue efforts.

    Rio Grande do Sul Governor Eduardo Leite has called for significant investment akin to a “Marshall Plan” to rebuild the state, which is usually among Brazil’s most prosperous regions. The situation remains precarious, with concerns about the stability of another dam at a hydroelectric plant.

    Authorities have issued warnings of further deterioration, as water levels threaten to breach a dike along the Gravatai River. Citizens are urged to conserve water and food supplies, with four out of six water treatment plants in Porto Alegre now closed.

    The aftermath of the floods has left residential areas submerged, roads destroyed, and bridges swept away by powerful currents. Roughly a third of the displaced population has sought refuge in shelters set up in sports centers, schools, and other facilities.

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