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    “Putin Initiates Nuclear Exercises Amid Ukraine Conflict”


    Russia's Vladimir Putin Orders Nuclear Drills Amid Ukraine War

    In a move that has sparked global concern, Russian President Vladimir Putin has directed the Russian military to conduct nuclear weapons drills involving the navy and troops stationed near Ukraine, as reported by the defence ministry on Monday.

    The escalation of nuclear rhetoric comes amidst the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, with Putin’s recent address to the nation in February highlighting a “real” risk of nuclear war. The defence ministry announced that the drills would focus on practicing the preparation and utilization of non-strategic nuclear weapons, also known as tactical nuclear weapons designed for battlefield use and missile delivery.

    The exercises, slated to occur “in the near future,” are stated to be aimed at safeguarding Russia’s territorial integrity in response to perceived threats by certain Western officials. The participation will involve aircraft, naval forces, and troops from the Southern Military District, which shares borders with Ukraine and includes occupied Ukrainian territories.

    Western officials have expressed growing apprehension over the Kremlin’s nuclear posturing during the offensive in Ukraine, particularly with Putin frequently referencing Russia’s nuclear doctrine. Last year, Russia took steps such as abandoning its ratification of the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty and withdrawing from a crucial arms reduction agreement with the United States.

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