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    “Dubai Struggles with Ongoing Floods Amid Absence of Storm Drainage Systems”


    "Dubai Grapples with Severe Flooding as Lack of Storm Drains Hampers Recovery Efforts"

    Dubai faces significant challenges following record downpours that triggered widespread flooding, leading to disruptions in basic services and flight operations at the world’s busiest airport. The absence of adequate storm drains has exacerbated the situation, leaving residents stranded and infrastructure severely impacted.

    Dubai, known for its modernity and rapid development, is grappling with unprecedented flooding after record rainfall inundated the city, causing havoc and leaving residents and authorities struggling to cope with the aftermath.

    Riaz Haq, a British lawyer residing in Dubai, narrated a harrowing experience as his home was submerged in water, leading to extensive damage and a daunting rescue operation that took over two days. The lack of storm drains exacerbated the flooding, turning streets into rivers and making recovery efforts challenging.

    The failure of water to drain away has not only affected residential areas but has also caused major disruptions in essential services and flight operations. Supermarkets have faced challenges in restocking, and the world’s busiest airport in Dubai has experienced severe staff shortages, resulting in flight cancellations and delays.

    Karim Elgendy, an associate director at Buro Happold engineering consultancy, highlighted the oversight in city planning regarding stormwater drainage, attributing the current predicament to inadequate infrastructure. He emphasized the difficulty in retrofitting stormwater management systems once cities are built in a certain way.

    The recent flooding, exacerbated by climate change, has raised concerns about the city’s preparedness for extreme weather events. The scenes of inundated runways and planes navigating through water have sparked discussions about Dubai’s image, with Elgendy pointing out the potential reputational costs.

    In response to the crisis, UAE President Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed has ordered measures to ensure the safety of at-risk families and a comprehensive assessment of the country’s infrastructure.

    While efforts are underway to mitigate the impact of the flooding and restore normalcy, uncertainties linger as authorities grapple with the enormity of the task at hand. The reliance on tankers to remove excess water underscores the immediate challenges posed by the lack of storm drains in Dubai’s urban landscape.

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