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    Iran Issues Strong Warning to Israel: “Next Response Will Be Maximum Level”


    Iran Warns Israel of Maximum Level Response Amid Investigation into Overnight Attack

    Iran’s Foreign Minister, Hossein Amirabdollahian, issued a strong warning to Israel, stating that if Israel engages in further actions against Iran’s interests, Tehran’s response will be immediate and at the maximum level. This statement comes in the wake of an overnight attack on Iran, which Tehran is currently investigating. However, Amirabdollahian clarified that no link to Israel has been proven yet, downplaying the significance of the strike.

    The attack in question involved drones that reportedly took off from within Iran and were downed after flying a short distance. Iranian officials described these drones as more akin to toys than military equipment. Despite media reports speculating on Israeli involvement, Iran emphasized that the incident is still under investigation and cautioned against inaccurate information.

    The attack targeted an Iranian Air Force base near Isfahan but did not cause significant damage or hit strategic sites. Israel has remained silent about the incident, with U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken confirming that the United States was not involved in any offensive operations.

    This recent escalation follows earlier strikes and counter-strikes between Iran and Israel. In April, Iran launched attacks in response to an alleged Israeli airstrike, prompting concerns about further escalation and calls for calibrated retaliation to avoid provoking more violence.

    The ongoing tensions between Iran and Israel have raised fears of a broader conflict, especially as violence has intensified in Gaza. Israeli military actions in Gaza have resulted in casualties, including civilian deaths and destruction of property.

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