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    ENCODERSPRO: The right steps to advance your IT career


    ENCODERSPRO is the innovative educational technology platform started by Sandeep Swarnakar Verma and Parth Awasthi, two Indian Entrepreneurs. It is designed to help learners, professionals, and even businesses acquire the skills required to defend their data and systems from hackers and other cyber dangers. A free and open-source platform called ENCODERSPRO provides a range of cybersecurity courses and certifications.

    This platform provides certifications in well-known technologies, including network security, cloud security, data security, and cyber security. Additionally, it offers training in security operations, digital forensics, and ethical hacking. They provide excellent study materials that are easy to grasp and retain. Along with assignments and other materials, they also provide interactive tests so that students can put what they have learned into practice.

    The two branches of ENCODERSPRO are EDUAPP and PENTORA, and both are diverse in their areas of expertise. These branches have expanded greatly in recent years and are still performing with a tremendous growth perspective.

    PENTORA presently has 40+ global corporations under contract worldwide. In order to guarantee the highest degree of accuracy and efficiency, they have put in place the most recent infrastructure integration technologies, in addition to a staff of highly qualified professionals that have a thorough grasp of cybersecurity.

    On the other hand, EDUAPP is a cutting-edge school management software created to improve the operational aspects of various educational institutions, administrative and academic departments. In India, EDUAPP is now being used in more than 15 schools

    Following are the rewards achieved by their students:1. Hall of Fame at NASA, Microsoft, Apple, Unilever, etc.2. A letter of acknowledgment from the governments of India, the Netherlands, the government of the United States, etc.3. Their bug-hunting batch students got more than $4,000 in rewards from WEB3 and international companies throughout the bug-hunting course.

    According to the information provided, they are planning to start offering written courses for free as well as training courses for certifications like CEH, eJPT, OSCP, CPENT, etc. in the future. They are also going to start launching forensic and SOC courses, MERN stack, and FULL stack development courses that are also security-oriented.

    The new office will open in Noida to work with students and offer them the courses they want at reasonable prices. The platform aims to provide students with the important skills they need to succeed in their jobs and satisfy the expectations of the constantly expanding cybersecurity and IT sectors by providing these courses.

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