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    “Evacuation of Indians From Gaza During Israel-Hamas Conflict Poses Challenges: Centre”


    "Challenges in Evacuating Indians from Gaza Amidst Israel-Hamas Conflict"

    As the Israel-Hamas conflict rages on, the Indian Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) has acknowledged the difficulties it faces in evacuating Indian nationals from Gaza. The MEA revealed that there are four Indians in Gaza, and while they are closely monitoring the situation, the circumstances are not currently conducive for an evacuation. However, the ministry emphasized its commitment to repatriating these individuals at the earliest opportunity.

    MEA spokesperson Arindam Bagchi commented on the challenging situation, stating, “The situation in Gaza is difficult for any evacuation, but if we get a chance, we will get them out.” He added that one of the Indian nationals is currently located in the West Bank.

    Despite the ongoing conflict, there are no reports of any Indian nationals being killed or injured in Gaza. The MEA has also “strongly condemned” the recent terror attack on Israel.

    While addressing the humanitarian situation and civilian casualties, Bagchi referred to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s tweet expressing concern over the loss of civilian lives and extending condolences to the affected families. He emphasized India’s unwavering stance on condemning all forms of violence and reiterated the country’s support for direct negotiations as the path to a two-state solution in the Israel-Palestine issue.

    Additionally, the MEA spokesperson called upon the international community to unite in the fight against terrorism in all its forms.

    The Israel-Hamas conflict took a tragic turn when an airstrike targeted a hospital compound in the Gaza Strip, resulting in the loss of at least 500 lives. While Hamas blamed Israel for the strike, Israel denied involvement, attributing it to a “misfire.” Israel subsequently released satellite imagery and “before-after” footage of the hospital bombing to support its claim.

    India’s commitment to the safety and well-being of its nationals is evident through its previous efforts. The country has successfully repatriated 1,200 people from Israel, including 18 Nepali citizens, in five flights under Operation Ajay. Moreover, India has provided substantial aid to Palestine, contributing nearly $30 million between 2000 and 2023.

    As the Israel-Hamas conflict continues, the Indian government remains vigilant and committed to ensuring the welfare of its citizens, even in challenging circumstances. The nation’s diplomatic efforts emphasize the need for a peaceful resolution to the longstanding Israel-Palestine issue through direct negotiations.

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