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    “Spanish Man Apprehended After Feigning Heart Attacks to Dodge Restaurant Bills at 20 Venues”


    Not-So-Heartfelt Deception: Man Arrested in Spain for Feigning Heart Attacks to Dodge Restaurant Bills

    In a peculiar case that has left the restaurant community in Spain’s Blanca region on high alert, a 50-year-old man was arrested for a bizarre modus operandi: indulging in lavish dinners and then resorting to fake heart attacks to evade paying his bills. This audacious scam artist managed to hoodwink over 20 restaurants, but his charade finally came crashing down in dramatic fashion last month.

    The individual, who had earned notoriety for his deceitful antics, is now the talk of the town. His photo has been circulated among local eateries as a precautionary measure. According to police reports, this crafty conman had successfully duped numerous restaurants, but it was at a hotel restaurant where his tricks were ultimately thwarted.

    As the man sat down for what would be his latest extravagant meal, the unsuspecting staff presented him with a bill totaling a mere $37. However, as the staff member briefly left the table, the man attempted to make a hasty escape. To his surprise, the restaurant staff intercepted him, firmly insisting that he settle the outstanding bill.

    Caught in a tight spot, the swindler resorted to his old ruse, asserting that he needed to retrieve the money from his hotel room. Yet, the vigilant restaurant staff were not so easily deceived this time.

    In a theatrical display of deception, the man suddenly began feigning a heart attack. He dramatically slumped himself onto the restaurant floor, seemingly unconscious. The manager of the restaurant later described the spectacle, stating, “It was very theatrical; he pretended to faint and slumped himself down on the floor. We have sent his photo around to all the restaurants to try and stop him from striking again.”

    However, the sharp-witted restaurant staff made a crucial decision that would ultimately lead to the perpetrator’s downfall. Instead of calling an ambulance as the man had requested, they promptly alerted the local police. When the authorities arrived at the scene, they immediately recognized the man from previous encounters at various restaurants in the Alicante region.

    The man, sporting long gray pants, a polo shirt, trekking shoes, and a vest from renowned brands, was taken into custody without further ado. Reports indicate that he had been residing in the city since November 2022.

    This bizarre saga serves as a reminder that even the most audacious of schemes eventually run their course. For the restaurant owners and staff in Spain’s Blanca region, it is a collective sigh of relief, as they can finally put an end to this culinary charade that has been causing a stir in their local dining establishments.

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