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    “Food Illness Affects 90 ‘Bharat Gaurav’ Train Travelers, Aid Provided at Pune Station”


    "Food Poisoning Affects 90 Passengers on 'Bharat Gaurav' Train; Prompt Medical Attention Ensures Stable Condition"

    Ninety passengers traveling on the ‘Bharat Gaurav’ special train, en route from Chennai to Palitana, faced an episode of food poisoning, leading to an urgent medical intervention at Pune railway station in Maharashtra. Railway officials confirmed the incident on Wednesday, mentioning that prompt medical care was provided to the affected individuals before the train resumed its journey after a brief delay of 50 minutes.

    The ‘Bharat Gaurav’ train had been privately booked by a group for a religious function scheduled at Palitana in Gujarat, as revealed by Dr. Shivraj Manaspure, Central Railway’s chief public relations officer. He clarified that the food causing the illness was not supplied by the Railways or the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC), but had been arranged privately by the group.

    Reportedly, the passengers experienced symptoms of food poisoning, including nausea, loose motions, and headaches, while the train was traveling between Solapur and Pune. Subsequently, the onboard medical team sprang into action as the train made a stop at Pune railway station. Doctors promptly attended to all affected individuals, providing necessary treatment and stabilizing their conditions.

    Confirming the incident, an official mentioned, “The train departed after 50 minutes. The condition of all the passengers was stable,” assuring that the passengers’ health was addressed before the journey resumed.

    This occurrence underscores the importance of immediate medical response in such situations, highlighting the significance of timely intervention and care during travel emergencies.

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