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    “US Embassy in India Achieves Milestone: Issues Record 140,000+ Student Visas”


    "US Embassy in India Sets Record with Over 140,000 Student Visas Issued in a Year"

    In an unprecedented accomplishment, the US Embassy and its consulates in India have reported an extraordinary milestone, issuing over 140,000 student visas between October 2022 and September 2023. This record-breaking number signifies a surge in Indian students seeking educational opportunities in the United States.

    Announcing this feat, the US State Department disclosed, “Our embassy and consulates in India issued an all-time record of more than 140,000 student visas,” marking a historic high for student visa adjudications.

    The State Department further detailed that within the 2023 federal fiscal year, the Department of State achieved a near-record level of more than 10 million nonimmigrant visas globally. Notably, half of the US embassies and consulates processed more nonimmigrant visas than ever before, demonstrating a substantial increase in visa adjudications.

    In addition to the significant surge in student visas, the US Embassy also marked an exceptional milestone by issuing nearly eight million visitor visas for business and tourism, the highest count since 2015. Moreover, the embassy and consulates recorded over 600,000 student visas, marking the highest figure since Fiscal Year 2017.

    The accomplishment is attributed to innovative solutions adopted by the US Embassy, including expanded interview waiver authorities. These solutions facilitate frequent travelers, adhering to stringent national security standards, to renew their visas without visiting an embassy or consulate.

    Expressing optimism for the future, the embassy affirmed their intent to explore new technologies, aiming to streamline operations. This includes assessing options for domestic visa renewal in select categories, potentially revolutionizing the visa renewal process.

    Highlighting the substantial travel relationship between India and the US, the embassy revealed that over 1.2 million Indians visited the US last year, positioning India among the most prominent travel contributors globally. This growth reflects an upward trend, with Indians representing over 10% of global visa applicants, constituting 20% of student visa applicants and 65% of H&L-category (employment) visa applicants.

    Earlier this month, US Ambassador to India Eric Garcetti visited the US mission in India to oversee the overwhelming demand for US visitor visas among Indians. This surge in visa applications led to the implementation of ‘Super Saturday’ to accommodate the influx of applicants.

    The remarkable surge in visa issuances reflects the growing ties between India and the US, further strengthening travel and educational collaborations between the two nations.

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