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    “Former US Navy Officer Raises Concerns About Unidentified Underwater Objects, Shifts Focus Away from UFOs”


    In a recent development highlighting potential threats to international maritime security, retired US Navy Rear Admiral Tim Gallaudet has issued a stark warning regarding Unidentified Underwater Objects (USOs). Gallaudet, a renowned oceanographer, expressed concerns about these unknown objects, which he claims can navigate the deep ocean waters without ever surfacing. His remarks come amidst growing global interest in unidentified phenomena, particularly following the attention garnered by Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) in recent years.

    Gallaudet’s remarks were outlined in a white paper authored for the Sol Foundation, a prominent think tank focusing on maritime and oceanic issues. In his paper, Gallaudet referred to these mysterious objects as “unidentified submersible objects (USOs),” emphasizing the urgent need for attention and research into this phenomenon.

    According to Gallaudet, these USOs, described as “large lighted craft,” could be operating stealthily in the uncharted depths of Earth’s oceans. He highlighted the lack of comprehensive research on these transmedium objects, which he believes poses a significant risk to US maritime security. Gallaudet stressed the importance of elevating the study of transmedium USOs to national ocean research priorities to address both security and scientific challenges.

    The retired admiral’s concerns extend beyond the potential threat posed by USOs. He pointed to ongoing global conflicts, including the war in Ukraine, Israel-Hamas conflict, Iran’s proxy conflicts in the Red Sea, North Korea’s nuclear arsenal, and China’s actions towards Taiwan, labeling them as “proliferating and overwhelming” threats.

    Of particular concern to Gallaudet is the worldwide network of undersea cables, which he described as a largely unseen but critical aspect of global communication and information transfer. He emphasized the vulnerability of this seabed infrastructure, which underpins global commerce, military operations, and internet connectivity.

    In his report, Gallaudet also raised questions about the level of information sharing by the US government regarding Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAPs) and USOs. He suggested that a lack of transparency in sharing relevant data hampers efforts to address security threats across the world’s oceans effectively.

    The remarks by Rear Admiral Tim Gallaudet underscore the complex and evolving nature of maritime security challenges, highlighting the need for increased research, collaboration, and transparency in addressing emerging threats from unknown underwater phenomena.

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