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    “Selfie Reveals Brain Tumour: US Woman’s Unexpected Discovery”


    US Woman's Selfie Leads to Discovery of Brain Tumour, Inspires Journey of Survival

    In a remarkable turn of events, a selfie taken by US resident Megan Troutwine during a visit to New York eight years ago led to the unexpected discovery of a brain tumour. Troutwine’s journey, from diagnosis to treatment and beyond, serves as a powerful story of resilience and hope.

    The pivotal moment occurred when Troutwine, enjoying a visit to Rockefeller Center with her cousin, noticed something unusual in the selfie she had taken. Her eyelid appeared to be drooping, prompting her to seek medical advice upon returning home. Subsequent MRI scans revealed a benign but aggressive tumour growing inside her brain at an alarming rate.

    Upon receiving her diagnosis, Troutwine embarked on a challenging yet determined path of treatment at the Moffitt Cancer Center. This included undergoing 23 rounds of radiation therapy, a surgical procedure to remove the tumour, and another surgery to address its growth. Despite being an avid runner, Troutwine had to adjust her pace to focus on recovery.

    Throughout her ordeal, Troutwine credits her faith for providing strength during difficult moments. She spoke candidly about the cognitive challenges and memory loss she faced, emphasizing the importance of self-compassion and grace during the recovery process.

    Dr. Mokhtari, a Neuro-Oncologist at Moffitt Cancer Center, also discovered another primary brain tumour called glioma during Troutwine’s treatment. While acknowledging the seriousness of the condition, Troutwine remains optimistic, considering it a “blessed juxtaposition” compared to more aggressive forms of brain tumours.

    Troutwine’s resilience extends beyond her own journey as a cancer survivor. Following additional diagnoses and treatments for uterine and breast cancer, she transitioned from being a patient to becoming an employee at Moffitt Cancer Center. Currently serving as a volunteer Comfort Companion and Health Unit Coordinator, Troutwine’s story embodies the spirit of perseverance and empowerment in the face of adversity.

    Her experience serves as a reminder of the importance of regular health check-ups, the power of early detection, and the transformative impact of resilience and support in navigating life’s challenges.

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