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    Fuel Tanker Attacked in Red Sea, Two Explosions Reported


    Fuel Tanker Attacked in Red Sea, Two Explosions Reported

    A Marshall Islands-flagged liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) tanker experienced two explosions near Yemen’s port city of Hodeidah while sailing in the Red Sea, making it the third merchant vessel to be attacked in the past 48 hours, according to British security firm Ambrey.

    The crew of the vessel involved in this incident was US-owned until recently, Ambrey reported. The United Kingdom Maritime Trade Operations (UKTMO) also confirmed a similar report from the Master of another merchant vessel in the area, who observed an explosion off the vessel’s starboard beam. However, Reuters was unable to immediately verify if these reports were related to the same ship.

    The Red Sea and Gulf of Aden have seen repeated attacks by Iran-aligned Houthi militants based in Yemen, who have launched drones and missiles targeting international commercial shipping since mid-November. These attacks, allegedly in solidarity with Palestinians against Israel’s actions in Gaza, have disrupted global shipping routes, forcing vessels to take longer and more costly journeys around the southern tip of Africa.

    Despite the recent attacks, no damage or injuries to crews have been reported in earlier incidents. In response to these threats, the United States and Britain have conducted strikes against Houthi targets. Late on Thursday, the US military reported that Houthis fired anti-ship ballistic missiles towards the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea, although no injuries or damages were reported to US or coalition ships.

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