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    “Fugitive Allegedly Involved in Jaipur Gold Smuggling Brought Back from Riyadh: CBI”


    Fugitive Allegedly Involved in Jaipur Gold Smuggling Case Brought Back from Riyadh: CBI

    The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has confirmed the successful return of Mohabbat Ali, a fugitive wanted by the National Investigation Agency (NIA) in connection with a gold smuggling case in Jaipur. Ali, who had been under an Interpol red notice since September 2021, was brought back from Saudi Arabia with coordination between the Global Operations Centre of CBI, NIA, and Interpol’s National Central Bureau.

    The CBI disclosed that Mohabbat Ali, who was sought by the NIA for his alleged involvement in smuggling gold bars into India, was successfully brought back from Saudi Arabia on August 17. The operation involved collaboration between CBI, NIA, and Interpol’s National Central Bureau located in Riyadh. Ali had been the subject of an Interpol red notice issued on September 13, 2021, based on the NIA’s request.

    A case against Mohabbat Ali was filed by NIA for his suspected role in conspiring to smuggle gold bars from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, into India. His name was among the 18 individuals listed in NIA’s charge sheet related to a July 2020 incident. During this case, 18.5 kg of gold bars were seized at Jaipur international airport from 10 individuals who had arrived on a flight from Riyadh via an Indian low-cost carrier.

    According to data accessed by sources, the CBI has actively facilitated the extradition or deportation of more than 40 fugitives through Interpol’s channels over the past two years. This operation underscores the agency’s determination to bring those accused of cross-border crimes to justice.

    Interpol, the international police organization, is actively working to bolster its compliance and review mechanism for red notices. In recent discussions, Interpol Secretary General Jurgen Stock stated that controversial cases, like that of Mehul Choksi, constitute only a small percentage of the overall red notice cases.

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