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    Hamas Offers to Release 33 Israeli Hostages, Alive or Dead, in Proposed Ceasefire Deal


    Hamas Offers to Release 33 Israeli Hostages, Alive or Dead, in Proposed Ceasefire Deal

    In a significant development amidst the ongoing conflict between Hamas and Israel, the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas has put forward a three-phased ceasefire deal that includes the release of Israeli hostages, whether alive or deceased. The proposed deal also involves a prisoners-for-hostages exchange, marking a potential breakthrough in the seven-month-old war in Gaza.

    According to the details of the proposed ceasefire deal, Hamas has agreed to release 33 Israeli hostages in return for Israel releasing 30 children and women for each released Israeli hostage. Notably, Hamas has informed negotiators that not all hostages to be freed in the first phase are still alive, highlighting the complexity of the situation.

    The proposed ceasefire deal is structured in three phases:

    1. Phase One: Hamas will release three Israeli hostages on the third day of the agreement, followed by the release of three more hostages every seven days, prioritizing women if possible. This phase will also include the release of all remaining civilian hostages covered by this phase by the sixth week.
    2. Phase Two: The second phase involves the release of Israeli reservists and some soldiers by Hamas, with Israel reciprocating by releasing Palestinians from jail.
    3. Phase Three: The final phase of the proposed deal focuses on the exchange of bodies and initiating the reconstruction process under the oversight of Qatar, Egypt, and the United Nations.

    The announcement of Hamas accepting the proposal for a truce has garnered positive reactions, with cheering crowds taking to the streets in Gaza. However, Israeli officials have expressed reservations about the deal, citing concerns about softened terms and the potential threat posed by Hamas.

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office stated that while the proposal does not meet Israel’s essential demands, negotiators would engage in talks to explore the possibility of reaching an agreement. Netanyahu has also reaffirmed Israel’s stance on ensuring the safety of its citizens and exerting military pressure on Hamas to advance the release of hostages.

    The conflict between Hamas and Israel escalated following an assault by Hamas on southern Israel in October, resulting in casualties and the taking of hostages. The proposed ceasefire deal represents a significant effort to find a diplomatic resolution to the long-standing conflict in Gaza, although challenges and negotiations are expected to continue.

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