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    “Pakistani Court Directs Transfer of Imran Khan’s Wife from House Arrest to Jail”


    Pakistan Court Orders Former PM Imran Khan's Wife to Jail from House Arrest

    In a recent development, a court in Pakistan has granted a request by Bushra Bibi, the wife of former Prime Minister Imran Khan, to be shifted to jail from house arrest. This decision comes after Bibi challenged the house arrest ordered by the government due to security concerns.

    Bushra Bibi has been detained at Khan’s hilltop mansion in Islamabad since January, following their conviction on charges of illegally selling state gifts. Her lawyer, Naeem Panjutha, announced on social media platform X that she had filed an appeal in the Islamabad High Court requesting to be transferred to jail.

    The Islamabad High Court, in response to Bibi’s appeal, ordered authorities to shift her to Adyala jail in Rawalpindi, where Imran Khan, the former cricket superstar, is currently serving a 14-year sentence. The court’s decision was confirmed by Khan’s party in a statement.

    The party also mentioned that Bibi had complained about being served contaminated food by the authorities at the house, which was declared a sub-jail. However, the authorities have denied these accusations.

    This development adds another layer to the legal and political challenges faced by Imran Khan and his associates. The case involving the illegal sale of state gifts has drawn significant attention, and the court’s decision regarding Bushra Bibi’s transfer to jail underscores the ongoing legal proceedings and controversies surrounding the former Prime Minister and his family.

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