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    “Hamas Releases American Hostages as Israel Mulls Ground Invasion: Biden’s ‘Yes’ and White House Clarification”


    Hamas Releases 2 American Hostages; White House Clarifies Biden's Response Amid Ongoing Conflict

    In a surprising turn of events, two American hostages held by Hamas in the Gaza Strip were released on Friday, with the militants indicating that more hostage releases could be on the horizon. Judith Tai Raanan and her teenage daughter, Natalie Shoshana Raanan, had been held since the Gaza conflict erupted on October 7. Their release came amidst ongoing Israeli airstrikes in southern Gaza, an area that had seen an influx of civilians following Israeli instructions to evacuate their homes.

    The Raanan duo was welcomed at the Gaza border by an Israeli envoy and later transported to a military base in central Israel. US President Joe Biden confirmed the release, expressing his relief and emphasizing the United States’ commitment to supporting the two American citizens in their recovery and healing process.

    President Biden stated, “Today, we have secured the release of two Americans taken hostage by Hamas during the horrific terrorist assault against Israel on October 7. Our fellow citizens have endured a terrible ordeal these past 14 days, and I am overjoyed that they will soon be reunited with their family, who have been wracked with fear. These individuals and their family will have the full support of the United States government as they recover and heal, and we should all respect their privacy at this moment.”

    The release of the Raanan mother-daughter duo marks the first among more than 200 hostages held by Gaza’s ruling faction, Hamas. Hamas has indicated that they are working in collaboration with Qatar and Egypt to secure the release of additional “civilian” hostages, raising hope that more releases could follow.

    US Secretary of State Antony Blinken confirmed the safe arrival of the two Americans in Israel and reiterated the urgency of reuniting them with their loved ones. He acknowledged that, although the release is a positive development, there are still ten more Americans unaccounted for in the ongoing conflict, alongside an estimated 200 other hostages from various nations, including men, women, children, and the elderly. Blinken expressed the United States’ commitment to securing the release of every hostage, stressing that every individual held captive by Hamas should be set free.

    The situation in the region remains highly precarious, with Israel preparing for a potential ground invasion of the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip. The safety of civilian hostages has been a significant concern in this context. Notably, as a reporter asked President Biden whether Israel should delay a potential ground invasion until more hostages can be freed, he responded with “yes.”

    However, the White House later clarified that President Biden did not fully hear the question and was responding to a question that sounded like, “Would you like to see more hostages released?” White House Communications Director Ben LaBolt explained that the president was not commenting on any other aspect of the situation.

    As the conflict continues, the death toll has been steadily rising. More than 1,400 people in Israel have lost their lives, primarily due to the initial attack on October 7 when Hamas militants launched an assault on Israeli territory. Meanwhile, the Hamas-run Gaza health ministry reported that retaliatory Israeli strikes have claimed the lives of 4,137 Palestinians and left over 13,000 others wounded.

    The situation remains fluid, and the international community is closely watching developments in the hope of achieving a lasting ceasefire and humanitarian relief for the people affected by the conflict.

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