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    “India Unveils Matsya 6000 Submersible for Historic ‘Samudrayaan’ Ocean Exploration Mission”


    India Unveils "Matsya 6000" Submersible for Pioneering Ocean Exploration

    Union Minister Kiren Rijiju has provided a sneak peek into India’s ambitious deep-sea exploration mission, “Samudrayaan,” by sharing images and a video of the Matsya 6000 submersible. Developed by the National Institute of Ocean Technology (NIOT) in Chennai, this vessel will enable India’s maiden manned ocean exploration mission, marking a significant milestone in the nation’s scientific endeavors.

    The Matsya 6000, aptly named after the Hindi word for “Fish,” is designed to transport aquanauts to astonishing depths of 6,000 meters beneath the ocean’s surface. Although its inaugural voyage will delve to a depth of 500 meters, it represents a remarkable leap in India’s maritime exploration capabilities.

    Union Minister Rijiju emphasized that the “Samudrayaan” mission is committed to preserving the marine ecosystem while embarking on this groundbreaking journey. “MATSYA 6000” is currently under construction at the National Institute of Ocean Technology in Chennai, gearing up to fulfill its crucial role in this pioneering endeavor.

    “The Deep Ocean Mission supports the ‘Blue Economy’ vision of PM Narendra Modi, envisaging the sustainable utilization of ocean resources to drive economic growth, improve livelihoods, create jobs, and ensure the health of our ocean ecosystem,” Mr. Rijiju underscored.

    In the shared video, Minister Rijiju is seen inside the submersible, which is still undergoing construction. An expert explains the intricate workings and capabilities of Matsya 6000, highlighting its significance in advancing India’s oceanic research initiatives.

    One of the primary objectives of the “Samudrayaan” mission is to explore the ocean depths for valuable resources, including minerals. Dr. Jitendra Singh, Minister of State (Independent Charge) for Earth Sciences, had earlier stated that the mission is expected to be fully realized by the year 2026.

    As India unveils the Matsya 6000 and makes significant strides in deep-sea exploration, the “Samudrayaan” mission promises to contribute to scientific advancements, environmental preservation, and the nation’s “Blue Economy” aspirations.

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