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    “Kim Jong Un to Visit Russia in Coming Days, Confirms Kremlin”


    Kim Jong Un to Visit Russia in Coming Days, Confirms Kremlin

    The Kremlin has confirmed that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is poised to embark on an official visit to Russia “in the coming days” after receiving an invitation from Russian President Vladimir Putin. This announcement follows reports that Kim Jong Un had boarded a special train bound for Russia, further intensifying speculation about the upcoming meeting.

    The official statement from the Kremlin read, “At the invitation of Russian President Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong Un, Chairman of State Affairs of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, will pay an official visit to the Russian Federation in the coming days.”

    Earlier reports, citing South Korean media, indicated that Kim Jong Un had left Pyongyang late on Sunday and was likely to meet Putin as early as Tuesday. YTN, a South Korean broadcaster, suggested that Kim’s special train would transport him to North Korea’s northeastern border with Russia, with the summit potentially scheduled for Tuesday or Wednesday. These reports were based on information from unnamed senior South Korean government sources.

    As anticipation builds, Japanese media has noted heightened security measures at the main train station in the Russian border city of Khasan, the likely entry point for Kim’s arrival in Russia. This development comes against the backdrop of closer military cooperation between North Korea and Russia amid the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

    The United States has also hinted at ongoing talks regarding North Korea’s potential supply of arms to Russia. However, the Kremlin has refrained from commenting on the possibility of Kim Jong Un’s visit, stating that President Putin would be in Vladivostok for the Eastern Economic Forum but had “nothing to say” regarding a potential meeting with Kim.

    North Korea’s overt support for Russia since the invasion of Ukraine last year has been evident, and President Putin recently pledged to “expand bilateral ties in all respects in a planned way by pooling efforts.” Kim Jong Un’s last overseas trip in 2019 took him to Vladivostok for his inaugural summit with Vladimir Putin following the breakdown of North Korea’s nuclear disarmament talks with former US President Donald Trump.

    Kim Jong Un’s visit to Russia is expected to carry significant geopolitical implications, and the world will be watching closely for further developments in this evolving diplomatic relationship.

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