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    Indian Art Factory Presents: Chennaiyil Oar Oviya Sangamam.


    Indian Art Factory Presents: Chennaiyil Oar Oviya Sangamam.

    Chennai, a city pulsating with culture and creativity, is set to become the epicenter of artistic brilliance this Sunday. The Indian Art Factory proudly presents “Chennaiyil Oar Oviya Sangamam,” a grand celebration of art and creativity. Organized by the visionary CEO of Indian Art Factory, Selvakannan Rathinam, this event promises to be a spectacular fusion of talent and expression.

    An Unparalleled Artistic Confluence

    Gathering 125 artists from across the diverse landscapes of India, Chennaiyil Oar Oviya Sangamam is an event like no other. Over 1000 artworks, each a testament to the artists’ unique perspectives and skills, will be showcased at the majestic SEMMOZHIPPOONGA on Cathedral Road. This one-day extravaganza, scheduled for Sunday, 9th June 2024, from 9 AM to 6 PM, is set to mesmerize visitors with a vivid tapestry of colors, forms, and ideas.

    Honourable Guests

    The event will be graced by distinguished personalities who have significantly contributed to the world of art. Our honourable guests include:

    • D Mathialagan, Ex-Principal of the Government College of Arts, Chennai, whose profound influence in nurturing young artists has left an indelible mark on the art community.
    • Shyam Artist, an eminent artist renowned for his evocative works and substantial contributions to contemporary art.

    The Visionary Behind the Event

    Selvakannan Rathinam, the driving force behind the Indian Art Factory and the organizer of Chennaiyil Oar Oviya Sangamam, wears many hats. His visionary approach of this Celebrated personality extends beyond art as he also directs SK’s Finserve & Solutions, seamlessly blending creativity with entrepreneurship.

    A Day of Artistic Splendor

    Visitors can expect a day filled with artistic splendor, where traditional and modern artworks will coexist harmoniously. The exhibition aims to provide a platform for artists to share their creative journeys and for art enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the rich and diverse art forms that India has to offer.

    From intricate paintings to avant-garde sculptures, every piece on display is a window into the soul of its creator. This event is not just an exhibition; it is a celebration of India’s artistic heritage and contemporary innovations.

    Exhibition and Sale

    Chennaiyil Oar Oviya Sangamam is not just an exhibition; it is also a sale, giving art lovers a unique opportunity to own exquisite pieces of art. This blend of exhibition and commerce supports artists directly, ensuring that the creative spirit continues to thrive.

    Join Us

    Mark your calendars and join us at SEMMOZHIPPOONGA on Cathedral Road, Chennai, this Sunday. Whether you are an art aficionado, a casual observer, or someone seeking inspiration, Chennaiyil Oar Oviya Sangamam offers an enriching experience that you won’t want to miss. Celebrate the beauty of art, meet the artists behind the masterpieces, and perhaps take home a piece of India’s vibrant artistic landscape.

    Event Details:

    • Venue: SEMMOZHIPPOONGA, Cathedral Road, Chennai
    • Date & Time: Sunday, 9th June 2024, 9 AM to 6 PM

    Let the hues of creativity and the strokes of genius envelop you in a world where imagination knows no bounds. See you there!

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