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    “Indian Navy’s 40-Hour Rescue: Pirates Surrender, Crew Members Freed”


    Indian Navy's 40-Hour Rescue Operation: 35 Pirates Surrender, 17 Crew Members Freed

    In a daring and successful rescue operation spanning 40 hours, the Indian Navy’s INS Kolkata intercepted and subdued a pirate ship, resulting in the surrender of 35 pirates and the safe evacuation of 17 crew members. The operation, conducted nearly 2600 km from the Indian coast, marked a significant victory for maritime security.

    The Indian Navy’s official statement highlighted the meticulous planning and execution of the rescue mission. INS Kolkata, with support from INS Subhadra, HALE RPA drones, P8I maritime patrol aircraft, and MARCOS PRAHARs deployed via C-17 aircraft, orchestrated a coordinated effort to neutralize the pirate threat and ensure the safety of the crew members aboard the distressed vessel.

    The pirate ship, identified as the ex-MV Ruen, had fallen into the hands of Somali pirates on December 14, 2023, resurfacing as a potent danger to merchant shipping in international waters. Responding swiftly to the looming threat, an Indian Navy warship engaged the pirate vessel on March 15, leading to the successful surrender of the pirates and the release of hostages.

    The Indian Navy’s actions underscore its unwavering commitment to maritime security and the protection of seafarers navigating through perilous regions. By sanitizing the vessel for illegal arms, ammunition, and contraband, the Navy demonstrated its resolve to uphold international maritime laws and combat piracy on the high seas.

    This operation serves as a testament to India’s prowess in maritime operations and its dedication to safeguarding global shipping lanes from piracy threats. The Indian Navy’s swift and decisive response reflects its preparedness and capabilities in maintaining peace and stability in maritime domains.

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