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    “Indian Woman Receives Land and Gifts from Pakistani Businessman Upon Converting to Islam, Video Emerges”


    India-Pakistan Controversy: Anju Receives Land and Gifts for Conversion to Islam, Stirring Family Discord

    A video of Anju, an Indian woman who travelled to Pakistan to meet her Facebook friend Nasrullah and subsequently married him, has caused uproar as she received 10 Marla housing land and a PKR 50,000 cheque from the CEO of Pak Star Group of Companies, Mohsin Khan Abbasi. The gifts were intended to welcome and appreciate her for converting to Islam and making Pakistan her new home. The video, shared by Pakistan-based journalists, has added fuel to an already contentious situation.

    CEO Mohsin Khan Abbasi expressed his joy at Anju’s conversion, stating, “Anju has come here from India and converted to Islam. So these gifts are to welcome her, to congratulate her as we are immensely happy. This is just a small attempt to appreciate her.” He further revealed that the decision to gift her housing land was to address the housing problem faced by those who come to a new place. The company’s board of directors approved the gesture, hoping to make her transition to her new life smoother.

    Anju’s decision to convert to Islam and marry Nasrullah has, however, led to significant family turmoil. Her husband in India, Arvind Kumar, claims that she is still legally married to him and that she cannot marry someone else without obtaining a legal divorce. The couple, who tied the knot in 2007, have a daughter, who reportedly does not accept Anju as her mother. Arvind reveals that Anju left home on July 20, claiming to meet friends in Jaipur, but instead crossed the border through Wagah and ended up in Pakistan. Subsequently, news of her marriage with Nasrullah emerged, along with photos and videos of the ceremony.

    In response to the family discord, Anju asserted that she had submitted divorce papers in Delhi three years ago, but Arvind claims he never received any such notice. The situation is further complicated as Anju arrived in Pakistan on a valid 30-day visa, leading Nasrullah to initially believe she would return to India when her visa expired. However, they eventually got married, and Anju, now known as Fatima, embraced her new life in Pakistan.

    The controversy has strained relations between Anju and her family in India. Anju’s father, Gaya Prasad Thomas, expressed strong disapproval, stating that she is now considered “as good as dead” to them and should not be allowed to return to India.

    The developments surrounding Anju’s conversion and marriage have ignited a debate over personal choices, legal obligations, and cultural differences. As the situation remains complex, it underscores the challenges faced by individuals navigating relationships and religious conversions across national borders. The video of the CEO gifting Anju has added another layer of controversy to an already emotionally charged situation, prompting public discourse on the sensitive issue of religious conversions and interfaith marriages.

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