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    “Japanese Man Becomes ‘Human Dog’ with Hyper-Realistic Outfit, Captivates Online World”


    Japanese Man Transforms Into 'Human Dog' with $20K Hyper-Realistic Outfit, Takes First Public Walk

    A Japanese man known as Toco has taken his fascination with dogs to a whole new level by transforming himself into a “human dog.” The unique transformation procedure cost him a staggering two million Yen (approximately A$22,000). This eye-catching metamorphosis was made possible by Japanese company Zeppet, renowned for crafting costumes used in TV commercials and films. The company dedicated 40 days to create the hyper-realistic dog outfit that perfectly replicates the appearance of a collie dog walking on all fours.

    Toco shared his extraordinary journey on his YouTube channel, aptly named ‘I want to be an animal.’ With over 31,000 subscribers, the channel’s latest video showcasing his transformation has garnered more than 1 million views. The footage, filmed a year ago but uploaded recently, was initially part of an interview conducted by RTL, a German TV station.

    At the beginning of the video, subtitles reveal Toco’s heartfelt desire from childhood: “I became a collie, fulfilling a dream I had since I was a little child to be an animal!” The visuals depict the human dog being taken for a walk with a leash around his neck, playfully sniffing other dogs in the park, and indulging in rolling around on the ground – all in a remarkably authentic manner reminiscent of real canines.

    During a previous interaction with the Daily Mail, Toco disclosed his reasons for embracing this extraordinary transformation, mentioning his preference to keep his unique hobbies concealed from colleagues and friends. He admitted that he feared judgment and misinterpretation, hence his reluctance to show his real face to the public. Even among friends and family, Toco’s decision to become a human dog came as a surprising revelation, reflecting the remarkable extent of his passion for this unusual lifestyle.

    Zeppet’s remarkable creation showcases the convergence of technology and human imagination, providing Toco with an opportunity to live out his long-held dream. His “human dog” avatar has captivated the online world, sparking intrigue and fascination worldwide.

    Meta Description: A Japanese man, Toco, has transformed himself into a “human dog” with a $20,000 hyper-realistic outfit crafted by Zeppet. His extraordinary journey has garnered immense attention as he takes his first public walk as a human dog.

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