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    “Indian Woman Wins $1 Million in Dubai Lottery with Ticket Purchased Using Husband’s Cash Gift”


    Indian Woman Wins $1 Million Dubai Lottery After Buying Ticket from Husband’s Anniversary Gift

    An Indian woman from Punjab has joined the ranks of millionaires after winning a $1 million prize in the Dubai Duty-Free Millennium draw. Payal, who has been purchasing tickets for 12 years, finally hit the jackpot with ticket number 3337, which she bought online on May 3.

    The funds for the winning ticket came from a special occasion. Payal received AED 1,000 from her husband, Harnek Singh, as a gift for their 16th wedding anniversary on April 20. She decided to use this gift to purchase a Dubai Duty-Free (DDF) ticket online, choosing a ticket with the most number 3s, a decision that proved to be incredibly fortunate.

    Speaking to the Khaleej Times, Payal shared her excitement and disbelief when she received the life-changing call from DDF organizers. “I used to buy DDF lottery tickets once or twice a year at the airport, but last time I made an exception by buying a ticket online for the first time. This cash gift from my husband has made us millionaires,” she said.

    The couple resides in Punjab with their 14-year-old twin boys, who were yet to be informed of their family’s newfound fortune as they were at school when the news broke. Payal described her emotional reaction, “I called my husband and told him of the jackpot. I was so happy and tears of joy rolled out as I spoke to him.”

    Payal is the 229th Indian national to win the Millennium Millionaire promotion. Reflecting on their future plans, she mentioned that securing a good education for their children is the top priority. Additionally, she expressed a desire to support her brother in Australia and contribute to charity work within the Punjabi community. “It’s still very early to make a decision. But of course, our priority is to secure the future of our children – to give them a really good education for a great life. I would also like to help my brother who lives in Australia and do charity work in our Punjabi community. Thank you, Dubai Duty-Free, for fulfilling my dream.”

    Launched in 1999, the Dubai Duty-Free Millennium Millionaire Promotion provides 5,000 ticket holders the chance to win $1 million. According to DDF organizers, Indian nationals make up the largest group of ticket buyers for this lucrative draw.

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